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Astrology comprises of many concepts and uses many tools and methodologies to arrive at predictions.Foremost among them is the Dasa and bukthi based on the moon and the star it occupies.All major predictions are derived from this.But this does not do justice to Lagna or Ascendant, hence the need to make predictive astrology more complete and more accurate by giving due importance to the lagna.
Just as the moon keeps moving from the first star aswini to the last one revathi the Lagna dot also keeps moving.This concept which is the brainchild of Mr.Poduvudai Moorthy.,who has spent a lot of time and effort on researching this concept and fine tuning it to suit the current requirement of a proper predictive system.
In the course of his research the author has arrived at the exact speed the lagna dot travels that is 1year 1month and 10 days to traverse one Star pada.It takes 10 years to traverse one zodiac sign so it covers 120 yrs life span of an individual same as vimshottari Dasa.
This concept is called as “ALP”Akshaya Lagna Pathadi
(i.e) the concept of moon movements and lagna moments combined together.,thereby giving pin point accuracy in predicting.
For example for a person born in September 1964 in mithuna lagna the ALP that is the moving lagna dot falls in Scorpio in 2019.Effectively with this as base the position of planets in the natal horoscope and in relation to the current kochara position is taken into consideration to predict current events.

The author has done his research on various astrology methods., which includes KP system,Prasna marga, Nimittam(astrology based on omens) Reiki, Pranic healing and Past life therapy.

This concept of ALP is now in the form of a book called ALP method of astrology published by Vijaya pathipakam.

Notes on the Author.

Mr.S.Poduvudai Murthy.
Doctor Radhakrishnan Road,
Ponnavarayan kottai,
Pattukottai post,
Thanjavur District
Telephone 9940771415

Qualification: in Tamil literature at Annamalai University.
M A.Degree in Tamil Lit. at Manonmaniyam Sundaranar University.
B.ed course at Simra college,
PhD in Manuscript Astrology at Tamil University,Thanjavur.
Practising Astrology
more than fifteen years.

As all the predictions happens to be accurate he is fondly called “Vaakku Yogi” meaning Words of god

The Author created ALP software which is used by many other astrologers.

ALP method of astrology is copyrighted by the Inventor.