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This post solely and precisely reveals the functions and effects of ‘BADHAKADHIPATHI’ in a horoscope through ALP analysis.

In the below mentioned case study, this respective natal as lost his father when he was at the age of 5yrs.

When looked into his horoscope seeking for the combinations which would relate to the loss of his father through ALP analysis, we could accurately see the role of Badhaka Lord showing his effect here.

This natal was born in Makara Lagnam and the rashi being Mithuna and birth star being Punarvasu.

As he is born in Makara lagna for which the Badhaka lord becomes ‘Mars’ and the Badhaka rashi becomes Vrischica .During the activation of Dhanista nakshatram that to 2 padam for this natal, he has lost his father ,by analyzing the horoscope , we could see that the Badhaka lord is placed in 9th house that is in Kanya which gets activated when ALP point runs in Dhanista 2 pada, Here Mars is Placed in the 9th house (Pitru Sthana) which represents father and he is also being the lord of 4th and 11th house . When Kanya rashi gets activated at Dhanista 2p here the 4th house from Janma lagna becomes the 8th house from Kanya which is the Mruthyu Bhava for the 9th house indicating death to the father.

Analysing much futher into this horoscope , as the ALP nakshatra lord is the lord of 4th and 11th bavas and also the badhaka lord he was also completely shifted to a different place from his residence
(due to the effect of 4th hose i,e Mesha) and also being completely detached from his social circle
( due to the effect of 11th house i,e Vrischika ).
Looking at the other Supportive stands like Dasha ,Bhukthi and Transit for this above case .
This natal Dasha ,Bukthi during that was
Jupiter – Ketu – Jupiter – Mars.
(Note : Ketu behaves and gives results as same as Mars).

Through Dhasha Bukthi analysis here the Jupiter becomes the lord of 12th house (Vyaya Sthana) and 3rd house (Maraka Sthana) and the bhukthi is Ketu bhukthi who is placed in Kanya that too in Sun nakshatram i,e Uttara Palguni in the saram of 8th lord Sun from the ALP lagna. Showing that natal will suffer in the matters related to 9th house as well matters related to Sun the bhukthi lord ketu is in 8th lord Saram.

Looking into the aspect of transit here we can clearly observe the aspect of badhaka lord Mars on the transit and natal 9th lord of the natal that is Mercury from Mesha being the 8th house from Kanya. Presicely showing the connection between the badhaka lord and the ninth lord

Summary :
Please do have a check on Badhakadhipathi and the Badhaka Rashi with respect to ALP lagna and nakshatra when analysing the horoscope in ALP Method.

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