The Astrologer who amazed the world with his accurate predictions.

The Astrologer who amazed the world with his accurate predictions.

As we all know astrology is a time bound subject, which holds numerous methods of analysis in its own style in order to revel the secrets of nature and the lifetime events of one’s individual. Apart from many astrologers , here is an astrologer who stands the most unique in his style of analysis by a new method `which is invented by him called Akshaya lagna Paddathi, which works as a accurate tool in astrology for predicting and analyzing anything and everything in this cosmic zone.
The following below are some of his predictions which completely turned out to be the most accurate with respect to politics, nature and society as been a proven testimony.
 BJP would form the government with majority was predicted in Jan 2017 which was telecasted in Vendar TV. At that time, many Astrologers predicted the numerous events in various style. Only this Astrologer, who firmly predicted that BJP is only the party would form the government with massive victory and majority.
 Nagapattinam and Vedaranyam would affect due to hurricane was predicted in 2018 was telecasted in Vendar TV.

 Area of Southern zone and Kerala would be flooded with water in 2018 was predicted.

 AIADMK would form government was predicted in 2016.

 Former Chief Minister Jayalalith’s health would deteriorate was predicted.

 Political life decline of Sasikala was written in his preface of the book well in advance.
 Kamal would establish his political party in the year 2017 and thereafter Rajini may get an opportunity was told in advance.

 He said, there would be a challenge to DMK without Azhagiri’s in politics.

 He said, Durga Stalin and Kanimozhi would have great opportunity in DMK than Stalin.

 He has predicted the Share Market would meet a great challenge on 13th Feb 2020, specially, a greatest challenge after 28th Feb. Developed a software based on ups and downs of daily status of share market.

 Rajini will have a chance after Kamal and there will be change, provided if he enters the political party in between March 2020 and April 2021.
 He has answered to a question asked in You Tube channel released on 31st Dec 2019 that who would be leader of BJP. He had predicted that, the person who bears his name relates to Lord Murugan. To the surprise of people, Mr. L. Murugan took over the charge as Leader of BJP in Tamil Nadu in Mar 2020.

 Nifty would touch 8000 points in Share Market was predicted.

 Social changes for the period between 2013 and 2020 was predicted well in advance by him.

 His prediction was live telecasted in Jaya Plus TV on 13.02.2019, much earlier that after the Jupiter Transit on 05th Nov role of Rahu and Ketu will start, America would be suffering and economy would deteriorate, problem has to be faced where there is a social gatherings, problem due to wind between Feb 2020 till Jun 2020.

 His prediction was Telecasted in Jaya TV Live on 15.04.2020, that the current year “Vikari” (Vikari is a name of the year of Tamil Calendar which starts from 14 Apr 2020 till 13 Apr 2021) is a year of cataclysm, with less illumination, encompassed by black smoke.

 He has predicted on 04.04.2020 in Captain News TV Channel that effect of Corona pandemic is till 30.06.2020 and need to be cautious and continues till Sep. Overall effect is till April 2021.
Tamil Astrology Researcher Dr. C Poduvudaimoorthy has changed the entire history of Astrology system and developed a new system known as “Akshaya Lagna Paddathi” and circumambulating in an innovative path.
Let this new technique of astrology bring all the prosperity to the mankind with abundant blessings from Mother Nature.
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